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To use the Binance referral ID, you need to create a new account on the exchange.In the account creation process, paste “FARM07B0” on the “Referral ID” field to use it.

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Binance is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Having been formed in the early days of crypto trading, they have good experience in providing their customers with amazing service.

Binance Referral ID

One of the things that made Binance so popular in the beginning was its referral program. This allowed people to earn crypto by referring others to trade on the platform.The Binance Referral ID is FARM07B0.

Binance Referral Program

When you register for your Binance account, you’ll automatically be granted access to the Binance referral program that allows YOU to earn crypto by referring other traders to the Binance spot and futures trading platform.

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Binance Referral Bonus Terms & Conditions

New users must also complete their tasks within 7 days to receive all three welcome offer bonuses – the $5, $50 and $45 vouchers which add up to $100. Cashback vouchers can be used towards trading fees, so they work as a way to get a discount on Binance fees.
Also remember to use the referral link of a registered Binance affiliate. You can either use referral links which automatically enter the referral ID for you when you sign up at Binance – or you can manually enter an eligible Binance referral code yourself.

Use the referral code to register on the Binance app

If you have downloaded the Binance APP to your mobile phone, you can use the Binance referral code when registering, please remember to fill in the referral ID: FARM07B0. It can save you a lot of transaction fees.

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In sum, Binance referral ID provides a solid discount in all actions for life, and using BNB for fees makes the most of it. Participating in both programs is very essential to save the most of the fees and get the comeback money. This win-win system makes Binance one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.


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Using Binance is pretty easy to use, even for beginners. The intuitive user interface is much like other exchanges, but it also features support for more than ten languages. Of particular note, Binance offers both a Basic and Advanced version of its exchange, allowing users to choose just the right amount of complexity for their cryptocurrency trading needs.

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As always, there are mixed reviews about Binance’s support process. However, the overwhelming sentiment is positive: most users are able to resolve their issues within 24 hours via Binance’s support ticket system. The exchange also has an active PR team on Reddit, which is quick to resolve problems that fall between the cracks.

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The Binance Bonus Code is FARM07B0.Sign up for Binance with this referral code and save 50%.If the referral bonus program sounds like a great money-making opportunity to you, we can say there’s probably no better time than now to join and start referring users.